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Originally called Froogle, Google Shopping is an effective tool that any retailer or business selling products should be using to their advantage.

Partner with Digital Nomads HQ and take online sales to new heights. Our team of experts will leverage your products online and in the faces of ready-to-buy customers actively searching for your products. Our tailored strategies ensure that your products appear in the search results for keywords that will drive revenue and increase profits.

We’ll make sure that your best products, promotions, and sales are seen by your customers and manage the campaign from start to finish. Each product listing we work on for your business will be completely optimised to perform well and turn clicks into customers.

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eCommerce websites have taken the world by storm and online shopping is more popular than ever. In Australia alone, four in five households bought something online in the last year. That’s about nine million people!

With so many people turning to the internet to shop, it’s important that your products are online and available to potential customers. If you have an online shop, you should be promoting your products.

Data shows that Google Shopping ads receive more clicks than standard ads. This means that, when searching for a product, a user is more likely to click on a product listing than a regular text ad.

Leverage your online store and get your products to the top of Google with tailored Google Shopping ads. Our experts will create optimised product listings that entice users to click on your ad and seal the deal on your site.

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Online shopping is effective because it’s visual. Being able to see what you’re buying before committing to a purchase is an important part of online shopping as it helps create credibility with a user who may not know your brand or business.

People in search of your products are probably looking online, and if your products aren’t there, your business is missing out – big time. Promote your products online, where it counts; where your customers are!

Work with our agency today for tailored campaigns that convert. We use tried-and-tested methods that implement best practice and combine that with the goals you have for your business.

Through our tailored campaigns, Google Shopping can do phenomenal things for your brand and business.

Great ad placement means that your product listings are seen by relevant people. Being able to use photos of your products provides a visual aid that can greatly increase awareness of your brand.

When you pay for something, you want it to work. When you pay for a Google Shopping campaign, it works – and then some.

This platform provides a great ROAS because it generally performs better across important metrics, such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC) and conversion rate.

Implement a Google Shopping campaign with DNHQ and experience reach like you’ve never seen before.

Listings on Google Shopping don’t only appear in the standard search results. Google has expaned the channels where Shopping ads are displayed, providing huge potential to reach potential shoppers.

Implementing a Google Shopping campaign is likely to help your business’s website see an improvement on all fronts. Not only will greater visibility lead to larger quantities of traffic, but the traffic itself will also be of better quality.

Our experts can tap into important keywords and search terms when creating your product listings, ensuring your ads appear for users with a clear intent – increasing the chances of a purchase.

We are one of Australia’s trusted digital marketing agencies, ensuring ensure potential customers aren’t just visiting your site, but actually converting into sales!

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Google Shopping FAQs

Although many businesses are investing in online shops or eCommerce websites, Google Shopping does not often factor into their marketing strategies. Get clarity on one of Google’s most effective advertising tools – we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked Google Shopping questions below.

Need more info? Get in touch with our team today. We can implement a custom campaign that delivers results!

Google Shopping is an integrated platform offered by Google that allows businesses to create product based ads. These ads appear for product searches across Google, Google Shopping and many of Google’s partner sites.

Although setting up a Google Ads account and product feed is relatively simple, an in-depth understanding of Google’s complex algorithms and rules is what really makes Google Shopping an effective marketing tool.

Avoid the stresses of online advertising and let us create and manage a campaign for you!

Simply put, yes.

Through Google Shopping, you can connect product listings on your site with tailored product listings on Google that appear when users are searching for your product. With improved ad placement, huge reach and visibility, and the attractiveness of a well-designed ad, your business can easily prosper online.

More often than not, different marketing channels work best in conjunction with each other rather than alone. We can implement a variety of online advertising strategies to increase your brand’s exposure and build a loyal customer base.

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