The "If I Only Knew Panel" is designed to do what we do best:

  1. Have Fun.  I mean who doesn’t like to have fun?
  2. Share Ideas, Tips, and __________ .
  3. Encourage one another AND encourage ourselves to move outside of our comfort zone.

The journey of life can Ridiculously Unperfect, but one thing’s for sure – It’s better when you have girlfriends by your side. 

Here are some girlfriends that keep us in the KNOW.

Ridiculously Unperfect The Journey Is Better Together

Darlene Whitehurst

founder/ceo Goalfriends international

As the Chief Empowerment Officer, Darlene has built and currently leads an international community of over 1,000+ female members.  Her programs are designed to inspire life transformations by teaching strategies on dream making, goal setting, and purposeful living. ⁣

Ridiculously Unperfect ThejJourney Is Better Together

Gretta Nance

Brand Manager- Amelia Aesthetics

Gretta is the Director of Brand Development at Amelia Aesthetics where she leads a team of 30+ women in the business of helping other women find the courage to invest in their own confidence.⁣

Ridiculously Unperfect The Journey Is Better Together

Melissa Matola

Professional Make-up Art

Melissa’s 20 years of training began from the runways of fashion week shows in New York. ⁣
She has had training by Chanel, Nars, Giorgio Armani, Clarins, Paula Dorf, Ana Sui, Lauar Mercier and other cosmetic lines!⁣

Sarah Discepoli

Hello Clutter

Sarah officially launched Hello Clutter in 2019 and loves helping clients organize their spaces and experience their home less cluttered.

Missy Farrow

Founder, creator, genuis of Midlife margaritas

MidLife Margaritas is a humor blog about parenting adult kids, being a mediocre wife and getting through midlife high on margaritas! ⁣

Cary Heise

Founder and Director of Designed For Joy

In 2017, Cary’s experience in business and international mission work married, and she launched Designed For Joy, a nonprofit providing living wage work for the most vulnerable women in Raleigh. ⁣

Kristen Baughman

founder Tabletop Media Group

Kristen founded Tabletop Media Group in 2016.  The agency serves clients in the food, beverage, agriculture and lifestyle industries. From designing a new website to managing social media Kristen is an expert!

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