Midlife & Expiration Dates!

Just before I sat down to blog today, I had to grab a cup of coffee. Usually we have half-n-half on hand but not today. I was (as any coffee addict would) about to have a panic attack. Then I spied a half gallon of fat free milk. Winner-Winner! Until I noticed the expiration date was last month. But maybe… So I smelled it, and couldn’t smell a thing. So YOLO and I poured it in my coffee. Tasted a little odd but I didn’t see any chunks in the milk so maybe it’s just in my head. If things go south for me, I’ll make sure my JoAnna and Robin tell Y’all where to send donations in lieu of flowers.

That got me thinking about our own expiration date. Midlife is around 35 and while I’m a little older than that, (just a tad) I consider midlife to last till you die. I mean, my own grandmother is still alive and she’s 99. You just never know. I do know that I plan to blog, travel, eat carbs and drink margaritas till the very last day of my life. Whenever that is. I’m no longer making a bid deal about dying. It is what it is and you can’t control it. I would rather spend the rest of my life happy and not worrying about death than worrying about death and being miserable, no matter how many days are left. However, I will worry about this expired milk for a while. Starting to hear my stomach rumble.

Other things that expire that I have questions about:

Canned goods. I know doomsday preppers that store them. So now if they expire, do preppers have to go out and buy new ones? And how about the people on The Walking Dead? They find canned goods all the time and eat them. What will they do when they expire?

Sunscreen. I know now that you must throw away sunscreen after one summer. Otherwise you will burn your tushie off next summer.

Opened Bottle of Booze. Yep. I know this. The taste goes sour and the potency can kill ya. (So I’ve heard). Wine doesn’t matter though. Just FYI.

 Let’s be real, almost everything expires. Expect maybe honey, sugar and rice.

You know what doesn’t expire? Friendships. If they are meant to be they will always be around. Just having a few good friends actually helps our mental health and longevity. Marriage is great and all but women tend to outlive men. So sistas, we need to stick together. Because in the end, the women will rule the world…


Peace, Love & Margaritas!

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